Exhibition photographies K.M Asad au Luxembourg

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In English, the term mangrove is used to designate a small tree that grows in coastal saline areas but in French it designates a coastal marine ecosystem. For Friendship and the photographer K.M Assad it was also the way they saw the subject. I would say they went even further and were inspired by all the mangrove environment with people, nature, resources, threats, challenges.This photographic work was commissioned by Friendship for the illustration of a mangrove plantation project located in the populated Northern Area of the Sundarbans called the “Blue Mangrove Fund”.  As we were looking at the work K M Asad was submitting it became clear that his approach had more than an illustration purpose and should be shown as an exhibition. K M Asad discretion, agility when working and artistic angle makes him disappears as an intermediary between the subject and the viewer. It gives room to the sole subject we are watching. It is his concentration on what we see which we share.

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