A fund like
no other

Blue Mangrove is the result of a mix of experience, knowledge, careful approach and methodological planning. We thrive on our partnership with local experts, populations and Universities.

How you can
make the difference

Through Blue Mangrove, a person can donate an amount of money to create a CO2 absorption capacity offsetting 20 years of his/her carbon emissions. At today’s budget, this is a donation of 3.750 EUR per person. We call this a “ticket”. It is tax deductible, check details in the Family room or contact us.

With this donation, Friendship Bangladesh will dedicate an exclusive piece of land for mangroves plantation, close to the Sundarbans area. On a regular basis, donors will receive reports on the progress of the investment, including financial reports, photos and satellite views. This is one of the commitments we outline in our term sheet.

The average CO2 emissions per capita in Belgium is estimated at 9 tons/year.

How does it work?

You donate to Friendship Belgium

As an example, a family of 4 wanting to be carbon neutral for the next 20 years donates 15.000€ and a surface of 1,5 Ha of mangrove is planted for the family.
You contact us and we sign the term sheet outlining our commitments (see in the Family Room). The donation, paid at Fondation Roi Baudouin, will be tax deductible. We will ask you to transfer 60 % now, 40 % in two years.

Funds transferred to Friendship Luxembourg

Friendship Belgium will then transfer the funds to Friendship Luxembourg which will be in charge of safekeeping the funds and taking the administrative steps to release them to Bangladesh as required and justified by the progress of the project. Friendship Luxembourg is already monitoring and coordinating the mangrove reforestation program as supported by various donors and will provide the situation reports.

Friendship Bangladesh is the local actor

Friendship Bangladesh is responsible for the execution of the project in the field. The team manages the needs locally and communicates with Friendship Luxembourg by sending activities reports, expense reports and forecasts. Details of fund expenses and progress will be available for the donors.

a trustworthy partner

Hand in hand with Friendship

Friendship is Blue Mangrove Fund's operational arm in Bangladesh. It is an international Social Purpose Organisation guided by a vision of a world where people — especially the most vulnerable and unaddressed — have equal opportunities to live with dignity and hope.
By working on four commitments (Saving Lives, Climate Adaptation, Poverty Alleviation and Empowerment) in an integrated approach, Friendship is now well established in the country and has a know-how like no other. Thanks to the trust gained among all stakeholders (local communities, authorities, experts), Friendship is also leading a number of mangrove plantation programs, succeeding where other organisations have failed.
Not far from the mangrove plantation area, Friendship runs the Shyamnagar Hospital, bringing access to healthcare for local populations.
Since 2002, Friendship has built a solid reputation, showing dedication and expertise to the benefit of the population facing climate stress. Friendship is recognized for its integrity and quality in serving the most vulnerable.
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